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About MegaFlow


The MEGAFLOW enterprise was created by a group of specialists in the field of industrial water treatment and engineering.

Our mission:

- to provide our customers with complex equipment for the preparation and purification of water of a given quality, taking into account all the technical features of the enterprise.

MEGAFLOW is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the water treatment engineering market. By combining academic knowledge and practical experience of highly qualified specialists, we are ready to offer the most complete list of services and equipment for:

           - production of drinking and process water;

- cooling of blast furnaces;

- water purification for cooling towers, heat exchangers, steam generators;

- cooling of rolls, hydrodescaling;

            - for open and closed cooling circuits of industrial enterprises;

            - softened and demineralized water for hot water and steam boilers;

            - sewage and storm water;

            - desalination of sea water and obtaining clean water from open sources;

           - purification of water for irrigation and drip irrigation.

The company "MEGAFLOW" offers the most energy-efficient solutions for water purification and environmental protection in the field of energy, metallurgical, chemical and gas and oil refining industries, municipal water supply, food and alcoholic beverage industries, agro-complexes, agriculture, electronics, medicine and pharmaceuticals.

MEGAFLOW offers a full range of membrane technologies, disc and mesh filtration to obtain water of a given quality, manufactures equipment for water treatment, carries out engineering and turnkey projects; delivers, mounts, adjusts and carries out service maintenance of the equipment.

  The company commercially produces membrane plants (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization), as well as chemical dosing units, ion exchange pressure filtration and mechanical filtration (disk and mesh filtration).

               Our company has many years of experience in cooperation with enterprises of all spheres of industry in Ukraine. When developing technical solutions, we rely not only on personal experience, but also on the experience of our partners who are world leaders in water treatment.



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